Can I apply for a mini loan without a payroll?

Do you need a mini loan, but you are not sure if you meet all the requirements to apply? You may not have a payroll and ask yourself, ” Can you apply for a quick loan without a payroll? And, if so, do not I need to have income to apply for a loan without a payroll?” Today we will solve these doubts about the microloans that may have been raised.

Can I apply for a mini-credit without a payroll?

The mini-credits have been established in the financial market and are here to stay. You may wonder if, even if you do not have a payroll, you can enjoy this type of financing, and we are very happy to say yes: even if you do not have a payroll, you can request a microcredit.

But the fact that we talk about applying for quick loans, even if you do not have a salary, does not mean that you can opt for these mini-loans without any kind of income. Although the requirements are very flexible in the case of fast online loans, you must have a source of income to access this type of financing.

How should my income be?

How should my income be?

To apply for financing without a payroll, you need to have some type of income. These revenues must meet three requirements, let’s see which are:

  • Be demonstrable The income you have must be demonstrable. Therefore, it would not be worth money collected “in black” that you can not prove. But it could serve unemployment, a pension, etc.
  • Be enough The money you make each month must be enough to repay the loan once the deadline has expired.
  • Be recurring Your income must be paid periodically. It would not be worth an income that occurs a month and never happen again.

If your income meets these three requirements, you can opt for a loan without payroll. Therefore, if you find yourself in unemployment, you receive a pension for retirement or for another reason, or you are self-employed, you have possibilities to get your money fast with hemibank.

What other conditions must I meet to get a mini loan without a payroll?

To apply for a loan without a payroll, or a payroll advance, you need to fulfill other requirements. These are very simple and almost anyone can reach them. Let’s see below what they are:

  • Be over 21 years of age. You must be over 21 years old to be able to access online financing.
  • Have an account number in your name, where the loan can be made.
  • Reside in Spain. In order to apply for a mini online loan, you need to be a resident in Spain and, as is logical, be able to prove it by means of a valid identity document.

We hope we have solved your doubts about quick loans without payroll. In case you have any other question, you can access our website FAQ where we will surely solve it.

As you have seen, you can access online financing in a very simple way. Here we show you some of the advantages of being a client of hemibank.


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