How Electric Lighters Work Better Than Plastic Gas Lighters

For many smokers who are still wracked with guilt over their habit, they might chortle with good humor and think that this is quite ironic. It has been said many times before that electric lighters are far more sustainable than those old plastic gas lighters that many regular smokers are quite accustomed to struggling with. And you see the irony in this because how could smoking be a habit that is good for the environment, never mind your health.

electric lighters

Discussion of wasted cigarette butts and bellowing smoke into the atmosphere is not the purpose of this article. The argument that electric lighters are far more sustainable than traditional plastic gas lighters is an easy one to make, however. For one thing, there will be cost savings for the long term. Acquiring a luxurious electric lighter is an affordable luxury. Just as every anti-smoker has been telling smokers over the years to factor in just how much is spent on cigarettes every year, the expense of plastic lighters can also add up.

In more ways than one, as it turns out. Not only are smokers rushing off to purchase new plastic, they have to discard them in the garbage. The plastic lighters cannot be recycled or re-used. That is a complete waste and it is a danger to the environment. The electric lighter is no danger to the environment. It is sustainable as a rechargeable and reusable device. It is not time-consuming either. It only requires a maximum of two hours to charge the lighter, assuming, of course, that the user is a regular or heavy smoker.

Also, there is no need to stop for gas when you think about it. This is useful information for those of you who are already using stylish gas lighters with flip top lids. Electric lighters are quite stylish too. They are better too. Go on, go ahead. Why don’t you take a look at the online reviews so long? Why don’t you join the club? Be part of the conversation and sign up for a related blog where likeminded aficionados hang out together to, let’s just say, air their views. Only here you will more than likely have a few more questions, seeing as you are still quite new to the electric lighting environment.

Not only are you making a worthwhile contribution towards looking after your environment by never having to use plastic lighters ever again, you are also contributing towards a safe environment. Handling gas liquid can still be a messy but dangerous affair. Undetected spillage can be a fire hazard. No fire hazards are possible when electric lighters are being used. They are only emitting low voltages. But the result is still high voltage.

All this talk about creating a healthy smoker’s environment has left the lips to feel quite parched. Oh well then, time for another smoke break. Only this time the fresh air will be enjoyed a lot more.