Myths about mini-credits

Do not believe everything they tell you. There are many accusations that circulate around microlending companies and generate distrust, such as, for example, that they charge exorbitant interest, or that they are not clear in the process of granting the advance. But truly, these financial companies offer loans like those of the bank , but more quickly and less paperwork. In addition, as when requesting any financial service, these companies advocate transparency, with conditions that must be read before hiring their services and that are clearly explained in the contracts. Thus, the predominant trend is the transparency and honesty of its representatives and workers. Within the technological companies that anticipate you the money you need when you need it premium, professionalism and seriousness, although there are those who insist on the contrary.

The most common myths about mini-credits

– Quick loans carry disproportionate interests: In this sector, as in many others, there is a wide range where you can find products of all kinds at very variable prices, however, the usual trend is that we find mini-credits in exchange for an interest very similar to the one offered by any traditional bank. In addition, the interest varies depending on the return period and the amount requested, so, no, the interest is not or does not have to be exorbitant. – Most lender companies are fraudulent: In all business sectors there are people who try to take advantage of the good will or need of the average citizen, however, these are rare exceptions that fortunately end up in the hands of the courts. Anyway, always try to request mini-credits with companies associated with Spanish Association of Microloans . – Consumers of this type of mini-credits are desperate people who are in serious economic difficulties: Nothing is further from the truth. In fact, the average profile of the applicant for this type of loan is a male of about 41 years, single, with average purchasing power, with stable work and who needs fast money for a specific need and that returns in a short period of time . And, the benefits of the mini-credit system are conquering more and more Spaniards who want to enjoy a flexible system, fast and within reach, that is, having a certain amount of money in a very short time, without bureaucracy, without having to become clients of a bank, using only our mobile phone to process the request and having the money in our own bank account. If you are thinking about requesting your first advance, do not think twice, request now your first Advance FREE!


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