Personal loans: their most important advantages and disadvantages

Pros and cons of loans

Mini loans or quick personal loans can come in handy if you have an unforeseen event. You may have your car broken down or you need to pay an unexpectedly high bill. In those moments, having the help of micro loans can be perfect.

Loans: advantages and disadvantages

Like everything else, micro loans also have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, below you will see what is the best and worst of this type of quick financing.

Advantages of mini loans

We will mention some of the most important advantages of this type.

– It’s very fast. You can decide to request the money, send the request and receive it in your account in just 15 minutes. For that reason, they are the perfect option when an unforeseen event occurs.

– It’s transparent. When you decide to apply for a micro loan, you can know all the necessary information without having to inquire or read small letters.

– Return acceptable. Microloans are a kind of advance of the salary. Most lenders offer 30 days of term, which should be enough for you to receive your next payment.

– Term and quantity customizable. Microloans have been designed so that they can be repaid easily. Therefore, they have decided that it is you who chooses the amount you want to request and how long you would be able to return it.

– Easy to request. Applying for a quick loan is very easy. Simply use the simulator to expose the amount and time you want to return the money and fill out a simple form.

– Accessible requirements. It is very easy to opt for a microcredit. It is only necessary that you meet a few requirements, such as a minimum age, reside in Spain, have an identity document and have a bank account in your name where the entity can enter the money.

Disadvantages of micro loans

Although mini-loans are an excellent form of financing, like everything else in this life, they have their drawbacks. Let’s see below what are the cons of this form of advance.

– If you are registered with Financial Credit Institutions or some other list of defaulters, some financial entities will not accept your request. On the other hand, there are some that do. However, what will be very complicated is getting the microloan if your Financial Credit Institutions debt has been contracted with a financial institution.

– Small amounts. If you want to finance a large project, this type of financing does not work for you. However, it is logical if you think that they have been created as an advance to the salary to be repaid in 30 days. It is not a long-term loan.

These have been the advantages and disadvantages of personal loans. Now you can have this information present when deciding what type of financing you want to request.


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