Prison for fraud commission in micro-loan application

Microloan companies help you deal with specific expenses quickly. Requesting a microcredit is very simple, it is only necessary to fill out a form in which you must indicate the amount of money you need, and the time it will take to return it and the money will be paid almost immediately. Every day there are many people who request microloans to face different situations , but their ease of application means that these companies are victims of fraud attempts every day. Thus, in case of any doubt, the micro-loan companies usually carry out interviews with the applicants to verify their identity and ensure the protection of a possible victim of identity theft. Despite this, there are fraudsters who know how to manage well to deceive both the microlending companies and the people around them.

Recent judgment


Recently, a case has been handed down that affected a total of 13 creditors, some of them, financial entities, and others, mini-credit entities such as hypocredit, viloan, zaloan and trucredit. According to this sentence, the convicted person must serve six months in prison with the accessory of special disqualification for the right of passive suffrage during this time of conviction for a continuous crime of forgery in public document, fraud and misappropriation, deceived by passing himself off for a family member, others for a co-worker. The defendant and convicted usurped the entity of these two people to operate on his behalf and obtain several microcredits that were credited to his ownership accounts. As expected, the fraudster did not face the return of the amounts requested, which were claimed from the holders of the loans. The gravity of the facts highlights the picaresque of some subjects. In this sense, it is necessary to point out the seriousness of the crime and its consequences since, although it may be relatively simple to usurp the identity of a third party, there are too many clues left in the perpetration of the crime and the police do not overlook the same, which is what some people may think, unconsciously.

The importance of personal data

Currently, there are professional mafias in the theft of data from people to obtain loans under the protection of new technologies, which facilitate remote transactions between consumers and companies. If you have ever seen or see yourself in any of these situations, immediately contact the company that is using your data without your consent to report what happened and ask that they cancel any action that is in progress and delete your data. In addition, you can file a complaint with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection or request compensation for damages caused before the Courts.


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