Request a mini loan to face September

Once past the summer, where we already spend more than usual, September comes full of payments; the return to school, the new activities, the change of wardrobe… Do not worry, we can help you with a mini loan to suit you.

What a pain it gives us when the end of summer arrives. Back to routine, to extracurricular activities and little by little, to the cold winter.

Now it’s time to dry your tears and take the bull by the horns. It is a complicated month for the economy of most households, especially marked by the start of the new school year. According to the Infracredit Observatory, families will have to pay about 239 euros per child only in basic expenses, such as backpacks, shoes, stationery, clothing and textbooks.

And it is not only about going back to school, in September we must also organize the activities of the whole family and in many cases, formalize the registration or leave them paid. Fill the fridge, buy new shoes or pay the bills of August, among others.

It is because of all this that the spending skyrockets and our payroll does not give more than itself. If you do not want to leave the account uncovered, we offer you a mini loan of up to € 500, fast, without paperwork and 100% online. Apply now and you can receive the money in 15 minutes.

What does it mean to apply for a quick loan?

What does it mean to apply for a quick loan?

Its operation is similar to that of a Payroll Advance, whose nature consists in returning it with the next income. Our philosophy is the same, so we always advise you to adjust the expiration date of your mini loan with the date of your next income.

Quick loans are not subject to explanations or justifications. We leave that for the banks. They are an option to have quick money and no hassles.

You choose the amount and the due date, and you will know from the first moment how much you are going to pay.

And if what worries you is the fees, you should know that in hemibank we have a loyalty program with discounts from the second loan. You will get a 10% discount on your second Advance payment, 15% on the third and 20% on the fourth.

Do not hesitate! If you need fast money, count on us.


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